Agrosor (Microenterprise Loan)

‘Agrosor’ loan ranges from TK. 51,000 to more than Tk. 10 lac are provided to people who are somewhat confident and progressive in society to run their various initiatives. In the financial year 2022-2023, a total of Tk. 216,10,91,000 (Taka Two Hundred Sixteen Crore Ten Lac and Ninety One Thousand) was distributed among a total of 17,545 members.Within this, Tk.212,60,01,000 (Taka Two Hundred Twelve Crore Sixty Lac and One Thousand) to 17,359 female members and Tk. 3,50,90,000 (Taka Three  Crore Fifty Lac and Ninety Hundred)  was distributed to 186 male members. 

Following the lending policies of Agorsor Loan,loans are distributed under two loan components, Agorsor MDP and MDP-AF, with the objectives to emphasize the production and processing sector, to provide loans in bulk to various businesses,and to encourage women entrepreneurs. Members are given loans in monthly installments ranging from Tk.1 lac to 5 lac.In 2022-2023 financial year, a total of Tk. 15,39,38,000 (Taka Fifteen Crore Thirty Nine Lac Thirty Eight Thousand) was distributed to a total of 977 members.