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Microfinance Programs:

Microfinance Programs:

In mid seventies GUP has introduced Cooperative and Credit Program to support the group members through human and skill trainings with credit support. The Program facilitates the formation of samities/groups amongst the rural poor to stimulate the process of savings, mobilization of capital and the generation of productive economic activities in order to improving the socio-economic condition of the poor people.


In the year1996 Palli Karma Shahayak Foundation (PKSF) came forward with credit support under its Rural Micro Credit Program in partnership with GUP and  financially supporting GUP Cooperative and Credit Program by providing credit under the various programs: such as: RMC, MFTS, LRP, SAHOS, ASM, EFRRAP, Seasonal Loan and ME. The IGAs are mostly cow rearing, beef fattening, goat rearing, mini hatchery, rice trading, Paddy cultivation, small business, fish trading, shop keeping,  van pulling, carpentry, fire-wood trading, furniture business, hawking etc