Welcome to Gono Unnayan Prochesta(GUP)

(People's Development Efforts)

Working And Learning with People Since 1973

Vission & Mission

Vission & Mission

Mission Statement

Gono Unnayan Prochesta (GUP) aims for sustainable development by ensuring food security, social
justice, good governance, and the rights of disadvantaged, deprived, and disaster-affected
communities, particularly for ultra-poor and destitute males and females, mothers and children, the
elderly, physically challenged, beggars, sex workers, transport workers, marginal farmers, landless
people, fishermen, handicraft artisans, and ethnic minorities. GUP is committed to forming groups,
raising awareness, developing skills, promoting Income Generating Activities (IGA) through credit
programs and appropriate technologies, providing safe water, environmental sanitation, ecological
farming, mother and child health development, and reproductive health.

Social Vision

Establishment ofan environment-friendly and exploitation-free society where peace and social justice

Organisational Vision

GUP, which aspires to become an independent organization, is dedicated to achieving fairness, justice,
peace and prosperity by implementing sustainable and environment-friendly programmes that blend
indigenous culture and traditions with modern technology.


Improving socio-cultural, economic, and environmental security through empowering marginalized
groups in the direction of social justice and peaceful coexistence.